Have you ever wanted to publish a comic? How about a novel?

Dragonspit Publishing is actively looking for new content to publish. Fiction of any kind, whether comics or novels, novellas or short stories, we're interested in seeing it. Here's what you need to know:

First, We will absolutely never ask you for money, period. Any "publisher" who asks you for money at any part of the process is scamming you, plain and simple.

How this works is that when you sign on, you'll get a check, and then we'll work to get your material into stores and make sales. When it sells, we get a royalty payment and you get the rest. The only thing you'll have to do is what you love to do already, keep creating. We'll handle the entire business side of things, and offer a flexible contract in case you ever want to go elsewhere, although we hope you won't.

Second, please do not send any material until asked to do so. For legal reasons we can't read unsolicited entries. A short synopsis is all we need, but if you have samples of your art online feel free to send a link. The specifics for submissions are listed at the bottom of this page.

With that out of the way, what kind of content are we looking for? Basically anything that appeals to ages 13ish and up. We're open to whatever genre, and we proudly do not censor. That means you can draw or write whatever you want... it might have to say "Mature Audiences" on the cover so we don't get sued, but we won't ask you to tone it down.

We also ask that you have something completed, or very close to being done; For comic books this means at least one issue.. we can sign you on without it, but can't cut a check until the first issue is complete.
How does this work? If you have a complete scene, or a few sample pages but nothing complete, then we can use it as a teaser for your work in free magazines and preview comics. These previews are given out to shop owners as well as fans.


To get the ball rolling, please make sure you have read the above, and then send an email to GetPublished AT DragonspitPublishing DOT com. Please write "DRAGONSPIT CONTENT SUBMISSION" in the subject line or it won't be read.

All submissions must include:
-Names, addresses, and dates of birth for all contributing writers and artists
-Title and format of work, and is it ongoing or one-off?
-For incomplete works, the projected date of completion
-Physical dimensions and number of pages, color or B&W?
-Has it been published before and does it have an ISBN? (ISBNs are uncommon for single issue comics.)
-A reliable phone number to reach you for the next steps of the publishing process.

Submissions must NOT include:
-Your work. Please don't send samples until we ask.

What are you waiting for? Let's see what you've got!

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